What is the Canadian Club?

A Canadian Club is simply a number of people in a community who meet at intervals around a luncheon or dinner table, or in the afternoon or evening, to hear distinguished Canadians

or visitors from other countries speak on issues of national and international importance. There are about one hundred Canadian Clubs located in all larger cities, most of the bigger towns across Canada

and in other countries around the world.

What do these Clubs do?

Many Canadian Clubs do more than arrange meetings. They endeavor to attract large audiences that represent a cross-section of their community,

who can feel welcome just to come and listen.

Canadian Clubs consider that such a work is particularly important in a country the size of Canada, consisting of areas that are isolated from each other often by great distances and physical barriers.

As a general rule professional lecturers are not used. Men and women active in various fields of work and thought from one part of the country are invited to speak in another part.

Canadian Clubs believe that one of the most practical ways to unify our country and to further the process of nationhood is for each of us to learn more about other parts of Canada,

and about important national issues while they are timely - and all this from a variety of viewpoints.

The Canadian Club of Regina

The club may be reached at the post mail address of:

Box 37124   Regina, Saskatchewan  S4S 7K3

For membership information :

Sharon   789-6488

email us  at:


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