The yearly membership fee is

Single $ 30.00      Couple $ 60.00      Corporate $ 200.00  Student  $0.00 

Why Should I join the Canadian Club?
1. I am interested in Canada and its future!

2. I wish to become better informed about issues that affect this country!

3. The Canadian Club offers speakers of quality on Canadian issues that
     are of current and long - term significance!

4. I value and enjoy the opportunity to meet others of like mind!

5. Informed citizens are important to the future of this country!

6. The Canadian Club is one of few organizations that focus on Candian
      identity, needs and opportunities.

7. The Canadian club provides for examination of all pertinent issues and
      accepts people of all political persuasions.

8. I am a thinking person concerned with the values and processes that
      guide the nation in which I live.

9. The Candaian Club accepts people of every race, colour, creed and
     social status in its membership.

10. The Canadian Club is made up of men and women across Canada
       joined together in
common cause through
       the Association of Canadian Clubs.

Canadian Club of Regina